Join us for a transformative 48-hour journey, guided by industry pioneers and powered by the blend of steampunk innovation and AI brilliance.

Elevate your learning strategies, break free from conventional methods, and immerse your learners in captivating experiences.

Stand alongside Nevan Evanstone, our young steampunk adventurer, and chart a new course. Are you ready to embark?

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Tinkers & Thinkers:

Fueling the Revolution of Gamified Enlightenment

The only online event that is for the design and delivery of gamified and game-based learning for corporate training, adult learning, employee engagement, and behavior change.

Traverse the cobbled streets of a digital cityscape where the grandeur of Victorian elegance meets the sharp edge of artificial cognition. GamiCon48V proudly presents a steam-driven odyssey, fueled by the world's brightest minds and the limitless possibilities of AI. 

This exclusive 100% gamified experience will guide you through gamifying your learning programs. As gears turn and codes run, empower yourself to revolutionize learning.

All sessions are delivered in English.

As we finalize the speakers, get a feel for the experience by checking out last year's schedule. 

Check Out Last Year's Schedule

GamiCon4V runs for 48 CONSECUTIVE hours! (February 29 at 6:00 p.m. CST through March 2 at 6:00 p.m. CST).

You can attend sessions when it is convenient for you, and watch replays of sessions that are in the middle of the night later. Each session stand outs with creativity, bursting interaction, and skillful use of playful learning to solve most any design challenge. Participants will learn from amazing world-class speakers as they share and workshop their creative inspiration and approaches for developing and designing gamified learning solutions.

Since it's GamiCon, you know there will be tons of opportunities to interact with others. It doesn't matter if you're a late-night or early-morning person, for 48 consecutive hours you can be meeting and working with people from all over the world. 

GamiCon48V is the perfect opportunity to connect, interact, and be inspired both personally and professionally! The future of gamification is NOW!

Imagine the possibilities...

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2024 Speakers

PLEASE NOTE: We are accepting applications for learning and development professionals who are doing great work with gamified and game-based learning. If that is you, we want to know more about you. Download the speaker application here. 

Be sure to bookmark and check back often! We're constantly updating our speaker lineup with an exciting array of experts and innovators in gamified and game-based learning. Each week brings new announcements and additions, showcasing leading professionals from around the globe. Stay tuned to discover the dynamic voices and visionary leaders who will be sharing their insights and experiences at GamiCon48V. Don't miss out on the latest updates – your next spark of inspiration could be just a click away!

Monica Cornetti

Sententia, Inc


Moe Ash

The Catalyst


Bernardo Letayf



Javier Velasquez

Free To Play Gamification


Namitha Vijayakumar

Learning Ethos


Christian Gossan



Klaus Rubba



Sarah Le-Fevre




Calvin Osborne

Poncho eLearning



Kerry Wong

Think Codex


Andrew Lau

Think Codex


David Chandross, PhD

Ryerson University


Melinda Jacobs



Alina Tudorache



Marigo Raftopoulos

Postdocotral Research Fellow
Tampere University


Mallori Steele



Shonda Hodge



Bhaskar Thyagarajan 

BlueSky Learning


A Gamified Global Conference 

We were NOT playing around when we said we want to host an international conference with speakers and participants from across the globe. We conducted a global price sensitivity study and once again we are proud to offer registration at a rate that is equitable for learning professionals in different economies, in 26 different currencies!

Each year we move closer to our dream of a truly global event as we have speakers from every continent (accept Antarctica) and our geo-sensitive pricing empowers participants from across the globe to learn and network with colleagues and world-class speakers. 

Salutations, traveler! By gears and code, art thou ready to inscribe thy name upon the brass tablets of time, becoming a beacon of innovation and prowess in this steam-driven epoch?

I Accept the Challenge to Become a Beacon of Innovation!