Host a Gamification Certification and train your staff for free 


It's a win-win-win-win Proposition  

Your Team Wins: Gamification design and delivery is increasingly a desired or required skill and knowledge set for L&D and HR professionals. Your team knows this and are looking for an opportunity to become certified in the gamification of learning. When you host a Gamification Certification, it’s their chance to experience a fully gamified live and online workshop while learning how they can create similar experiences for your learners.  

Your L&D Community WinsProfessionals in your community are seeking practical and applicable courses in Gamification.

When they discover (through your marketing and ours) that you are hosting a Sententia Gamification Certification, they will recognize your organization as a leader in Learning and Development. 


Your Organization WinsWe've worked with training teams in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Large multi-nationals, government, not-for-profit, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, universities and small business, have trusted Sententia to provide their team with the practical knowledge and hands-on skill development to create award-winning, interactive, and fun training program.

AND, your team can train for FREE!

When you host a Sententia Level 1 Gamification Certification, your team has the opportunity to participate in this fully gamified program for FREE. In exchange, you simply fill our virtual meeting room with at least 12 paid participants from the Learning and Development professionals in your community who want to take their learning programs to the next level with gamification. 

Email us ([email protected]) and we'll send you a playbook with all the information you need to host an event. 

Sententia WinsIn our effort to stamp out dry, boring lectures, we have the opportunity to come to your community, meet dedicated and forward-thinking L&D professionals, AND work with your team to create meaningful and memorable learning experiences.

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Feel free to email our CMO, Jonathan Peters, PhD your questions and/or a time you'd like to talk through the details.

His email address is [email protected]

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