Level 3


Master Craftsman




Virtual November 9-13


Roll up your sleeves, gain new skills and knowledge, and create something that will add real value for your clients and your organization. Then create an action plan to immediately transform your training.

Plus, work with this mastermind group and Master Craftsman as you implement your new learning experience for the next 90 days.

Virtual November Level 3 Certification:  

Thanks to the Virus, we're adapting and innovating. This is your opportunity to be a part of the first Level 3 virtual crew!

This experience will be unlike any virtual program you've attended. No checking emails or playing games during these session!

PLUS when you register for the Virtual November LV3 - you automatically earn a FREE PASS to the June 9-11, 2021 LIVE LV3!

I'll sail with the Live Crew in November

You remember Nick...

Well, he's found the island where Captain Nathaniel Wilson buried his treasure...  

...And he wants you to join him for Level 3 Gamification Certification

(Check out the video from the first gathering)

You conquered the high seas with Nick in Level 1, and you joined Lou and Lindsey as they traversed the World of Gamification in Level 2; now it's time to dive deep, to engage in a high-level, hands-on gamification design experience. 

Think mastermind/workshop/immersive experience where you create a completely gamified program or system, followed by 90-day implementation coaching.


Rules of the Game: 

  • We’ll supply you with digital and/or hard copies of everything you need for this adventure.
  • You must be fun, have a sense of humor, and be ready to smile.
  • You will support other members of our community as they build and develop their training program. This may include brainstorming with them, but it certainly includes respecting their creative needs, whether that be a quiet atmosphere or joining them – live or virtually – for a glass of wine (or beer, whiskey, lemonade, soda, coffee, tea, water...)
  • While you will be working on your own project, you will join us for all instructional times, small group activities, and social events.
  • Finally, you are required to enjoy yourself. No moping, complaining, arguing, or negativity. After all, we will be creating fun and engaging experiences for others; we need to model that in ourselves.
  • Prepare to be delighted
I accept the rules. Sign me up for November's Virtual session

Are You Ready for the Next Gamification Adventure? 

This Gamification Certification Program is an intensive gamification strategy experience facilitated by Monica Cornetti and Jonathan Peters, PhD.

If you are the type of learning professional with an interest in talent development, enhanced learning techniques, and behavioral science, this program is perfect for you!

During this intensive design experience, you will:

  • Have access to key gamification experts who will review your gamification design and provide valuable feedback as well as supplemental resources
  • Synthesize all the elements of Gamification Apprentice and Journeyman programs into a cohesive plan

You'll also: 

  • Take an employee learning or engagement challenge and design a thoughtful, well-structured, and research-based solution. 
  • Identify the objectives of the organization and evaluate challenges in achieving the objectives
  • Itemize the virtual economy, badging tiers, levels and leaderboards to a level of detail that could be executed by a development team

But wait! There's more: 

  • Design a complete and detailed gamification strategy project plan, with a five-level ROI framework for analysis 
  • Accurately measure the ‘required behaviors’ vs. ‘actual behaviors achieved’ to quantitatively show proof of concept
  • Clearly define a communications strategy and roll-out plan in a detailed implementation road map
  • PLUS when you register for the Virtual November LV3 - you automatically earn a FREE PASS to the LIVE LV3 scheduled for June 9-11, 2021!

Sign up for the Virtual Level 3 Certification

You will be expected to attend all sessions and participate fully with your crew. Expect sessions to run roughly three hours with group work. You will also have design time in the afternoons and evenings.  

I'm ready to commit to the November Virtual Level 3 Certification