Maarten Molenaar

Maarten Molenaar is the game director of the Fresh Game Studio (part of the Frisse Blikken Ecosystem: a dutch consulting agency helping organizations taking on tomorrows challenges.Before this Maarten was the manager of the Rabobank Gamification Hub, the virtual network from where he worked to implement gamification as a practice within Rabobank, a cooperative bank conglomerate that operates in over 48 countries and employees nearly 35,000 people. Apart from running his game studio Maarten consults and facilitates organizations on creating engaging experiences and developments programs and is a frequent speaker and writer on these topics.

Gamification beyond the hype cycle - How will we enter the second decade of Gamification?

- Dive into lessons learned: What did we expect from gamification in 2012 and what do we get in 2022?

- What should you know when applying gamification: What can you expect from the field now and how does it apply to your business practice?

- Including examples from learning & development and strategy communication.

- Peer into the future: from gamification to a playful approach for modern business problems.

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