Sufiz Mohd Suffian

Designing virtual and in-person gamified experiences

Sufiz Mohd Suffian is a Co-Founder of Recur Consult, a Gamification and Behavioral Design consultancy firm that focuses on creating impactful experiences and driving desired behaviors through design and engagement. He has designed award-winning user-centric experiences that leverage on gamification design methodologies and behavioral psychology models. Sufiz has spearheaded numerous consulting design projects internationally, ranging from product design, customer experiences, community gamification, employee engagement, learning and development, and people and culture transformation. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, government agencies, international consultancy firms, small to medium enterprises, technology companies, training providers, and startups across various industries.


Designing for Fun, Not Friction

Gamified experiences are meant to challenge the user in exchange for rewards. However, an experience that is too difficult and lacks sufficient motivators for the user can yield undesirable results. This session will address the balance between effort versus reward for the user, and how cognitive friction can deter users from engaging with a gamified experience.

In this session you will learn how to design engagement challenges to encourage higher effort from users -- the experience should provide more motivators to the user, balance high effort from the user in exchange for higher rewards (quantity or quality), and find ways to reduce cognitive friction in your gamified experience.

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