Abhilash Purohit

Abhilash Purohit is co-founder at Gentle Bamboo Solutions, a gamification company specialising in learning and development based in Bangalore, India. He is also co-founder of Leviosa Consulting, a software development firm specialising in University education management. Sitting at the intersection between learning and technology gives Abhilash a unique perspective. He is the brains (and much of the coding muscle) behind Dextr.io, a gamified interactive presentation tool used extensively in corporate education.

An international speaker who most recently spoke at Gamification Europe, Abhilash is also one of the top educators on India’s largest learning platform. When not teaching, he can usually be found performing magic for audiences and completing the Oxfam 100 km walks.

What's in it for the Learner?

The pandemic has made live virtual sessions a new reality for learning and development among companies in India. The most common complaint in such programs is that learners are not engaged and that facilitators do not have the tools to make learning engaging in this new environment.

The tools facilitators were recommended to use did not seem to be built for learning. So we built a gamified interactive presentation tool, dextr.io to solve that problem. In building the tool we focused extensively on the learner's learning experience, thought extensively about why a learner must take any action, and dove into the motivations and cultural expectations of Indian learners. Every feature was designed with the principle, "What's in it for the learner?" In the last 8-months, we have had over 5000 learners participate in live sessions on this platform and seen both participation and engagement improve.

In this talk, Abhilash will take the audience through his learning design approach based on the principles of Gamification, Personalisation, and Socialisation called the GPS Framework.

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