Abhishek Behl

Understanding, experiencing and evaluating gamification for the common masses

Dr. Abhishek Behl is a researcher in the area of information technology and analytics. He has earned his second Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay where his research is in the area of crowdfunding and gamification. He has been a resource person to various Management Development Programs for companies like Wipro; Godrej; Tata Motors; CEAT Tyres etc.

Abhishek is a certified trainer for Google Analytics and has offered training to more than 10 international organizations like LinkedIn, Air Liquide, Conde Nast, and Bio-Rad. His area of research is the interface of business analytics and decision sciences for new business ventures through gamification.


Gamifying Commons - An Uncommon Debate

This session focuses on research findings from various studies done on gamification for common people. Although firms invest a lot in understanding the end users, they seldom spend time with the end user.

Participants will gain deeper insights into answering:

  • How does the common person perceive gamification?
  • What is the evolution of gamification in the life of a common person?
  • What is the lifecycle of gamification in the life of a common person?

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