Adi Stephan

With more than 25 years experience in all aspects of Human Capital and Learning, Adi’s success is derived from his ability to develop and manage world-class solutions utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies. Equipped with an extensive background in human resources and information technology his skill lies in creating innovative solutions and environments that translate employee behaviors into high-impact outcomes. For Learning initiatives to be successful, these outcomes must: enhance knowledge retention, be personalized to individual needs, foster collaborative and social learning, offer an experience rather than an event, be totally strategically aligned, fit around the shape of work, and allow the individual to learn whenever, wherever and however. But most importantly be FUN and ENGAGING!

Andrea Hayes

Andrea is a South African-based video game designer and developer, website developer and game studies academic. Andrea is currently the HOD of the game development side of The Boiler Room, where she manages and creates innovate VR and AR learning experiences with her team. She is currently a PhD candidate at The University of Pretoria, where she is specializing in re-creating realistic and accurate scenes of various South African landscapes in virtual reality. She is driven by creative coding, experimenting with digital art and making video games. Andrea passionate about diversifying the tech industry and empowering women in software development.

Game Mechanics - Looking back to move forward

Going back to the basics of game mechanics, understanding, and using those to create innovative, fun and immersive game play solutions.

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