Ahmed Hossam

Ahmed Hossam is a Gamification advisor for the university of Wales (UK), guest lecturer at Oakland University & International Gamification Confederation vice chair. He is a speaker, consultant, designer and facilitator on Gamification. He is the president of Gamification MENA and Founder of Gampact.
Ahmed is a pioneer in Gamification in the Middle-East, he has been in the “Global Gamification Gurus Power 100” since 2015.

In July 2017, he was Rated #2 in the “Global Gamification Gurus Power 100” based in the United Kingdom. He has helped a variety of companies, from seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Oracle, Vodafone, AUC, Abudawood, and many more.

Ahmed has won many awards such as:

  • Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Leaders Award MADcon (Dubai) - Dec 2019
  • Top 50 Tech Companies Award InterCon (Dubai) - Oct 2019
  • Finalist for the "Outstanding Use of Gamification for Learning" GamiCon 2018
  • Finalist for Outstanding Gamification Guru Award for 2017 Gamification Europe (UK)
  • Finalist for Outstanding Gamification Software Award for 2017 Gamification Europe (UK)
  • Best Business success story of the year Passion2Profit Conference (Egypt) – October 2017

Serious Gaming: From Genre to Behavioral Transformation

For a long time, Serious Games and Gamification have been in a special category in the games industry. Set apart by the serious purpose of their designs, we think of them as something largely unrelated to the various just-for-fun games.

However, in recent years, we have seen many entertainment games with more learning and development value than some serious games.  If we suppose that learning is fun (and we know it is), and the market can support games that are entertaining because of their educational value (rather than despite it), the line between learning for fun and learning that is fun is blurrier than it's ever been before.  Should we still be treating educational games for fun and fun games for education as separate things?

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