Alex Galloway

Alex X. Galloway is a Texan with a passion for learning through 3D and extended reality (XR). While doing award-winning software engineering at Hewlett Packard, he began to meet with members of the VR and AR community in the pre-Rift years and build 3D experiences as a hobby. Fast-forward to today, he leads development of extended reality eLearning at one of the largest banks in the United States.


The Evolution of the Text Adventure Game into Digital Humans

In the beginning, you started in a forest, cave, or dungeon with a troll to the north, sunlight to the east, and there was an open field west of a white house with a boarded front door. You entered text, and the story progressed. All that mattered was figuring out the story. You will look at how all that changed with the addition of graphics and what it takes to build a visual adventure today in Unity3D.

You will then see how a chatbot cloud service can be used to design a conversation. You will examine the basics of the cloud service and see how to spin up a basic bot. While the technology has changed, you will find that building it resembles the text dungeon from simpler times.

Finally, you will look at the evolution of all these features packaged into the digital human product Soul Machines. You will learn how advanced data collection and analysis has allowed for new and more natural interactions between the user and a chatbot. Automatic animation, emotional awareness, and increased user feedback can guide the conversation so that once again, your main design concern will be the story.

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