Alexandra Suchman

Alexandra (Alex) Suchman is CEO and co-founder of Barometer XP, a company that creates games designed to spark insightful conversations about how team members can better communicate and collaborate toward shared goals. Alex leads game sessions that help individuals and teams explore self-awareness and make meaningful, sustainable culture change. Prior to Barometer XP, Alex founded AIS Collaborations, a consulting firm that helped small businesses reach new levels of success through simple systems, stronger organizing techniques, and better planning. She has an MPP from The George Washington University, a BA in psychology from Colby College, and is certified as both a Project Management Professional (PMP) and DISC coach.

Peter Williamson

Peter is a professional golfer turned entrepreneur who uses his love of knowledge of games, design, and philanthropy to catalyze change in communities. In addition to co-founding Barometer XP, he also leads a DC-based creative agency called Game Genius, co-chairs a local giving circle, sits on two nonprofit boards, and is an active Global Shapers member. Peter has a B.A. in Studio Art and Geography from Dartmouth College.

Explore Pressure Through Play: Using Games for Team and Culture Building

The Games are an excellent way for people to learn and practice new skills individually, but they can be even more powerful as a vehicle for people to learn and grow together. Great play experiences result in a team that can harness even more value than just the sum of its parts. The pandemic turned the existing workplace model on its head, creating an opportunity to rethink how workplace cultures and environments can create a space for people to connect, contribute, and thrive. Games can and should be an important part of these conversations. In this session, we'll explore how playing games with colleagues and collaborators is such a valuable experience for building team culture and cohesion. Barometer XP co-founders will talk about how to create and facilitate games that inspire self-awareness and growth, and catalyze the drive for change. The learning objectives for this session include: Establishing a framework for successful game development. Identifying different game mechanics and how (and when) to use them for social and emotional learning Encouraging self-awareness and reflection at both the individual and group level through game play.

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