Dr. Alyea Sandovar

Dr. Alyea Sandovar is a gamification and play consultant for established online and offline business owners. She is passionate about helping business owners create high quality gamified products and programs with ease and fun. She believes creating playful products should not be a headache. Her goal is to bring respect, peace, fun and tranquility to every project she becomes a part of. Her academic background is eclectic as she has a PhD in Game Production, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Human Organizational Systems, and a Bachelor’s is in Public Relations and Communication. She has also worked with academic institutions, non profits, game studios, corporations and
start-ups. You can find her weekly at a café, buying a cortado, traveling around the world (when she can!), and watching Sci-Fi.

Gamification for Online Courses: 5 Myths about Gamification that keep Course Creators from Getting Better Completion Rates

Are you online course completion rates, getting you down? Then Gamify! There are many misconceptions about gamification for online/digital courses and what it can actually do to transform your online course. Alyea uncovers the 5 myths of gamification for online/digital courses, then make suggestions on how gamification can increase online/digital course completion rates which in turn means repeat customers with less marketing.

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