An Coppens

Applying game technology and game design to solve problems for corporations around attraction, retention, development and celebration of achievement and well-being for employees and their leaders

An Coppens is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation where they offer gamification and game design solutions to clients worldwide. CEO of My G-Nation and who are building a metaverse for work to help create a positive team culture for hybrid and remote teams, both good for performance as well as human needs. An has been on all sides of the learning table in the corporate sector: in-house manager, external provider, learner and instructional designer.


The Forgotten Step in Learning Related Gamification Design

A Role Playing Experience

This session is a playful take on why you should understand your learners and their goals and objectives and how you want to make them feel, in order for learning to matter to them. In employee facing learning, time and budget as well as subject matter experts are the most common drivers for choices made about learning and very rarely the learner themselves (whose needs may completely diverge from the ones driving learning investment choices or corporate structures).

Participants will actively engage and understand through role playing whether you are any or all of these characters:

  • Forager - takes inputs from anyone anywhere as long as it comes free
  • Overlord - knows everything best and will tell you how to do it
  • Quizmaster - everything is best when assessed
  • Snob - only the best, the tailored, the customized is good enough for them

Learn why any and all of these can be detrimental to learning for your learners, discover what your approach is, and how the other inputs can be beneficial.

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