Ben Fulcher

Ben Fulcher has a BFA from Clemson University in South Carolina and an MFA from Ball State University in Indiana. He has worked in Art and Design since 2012 and developed games since 2016. He has worked on several game projects, one of which was a stop-motion platformer that was featured in the 2019 GDC Big Indie Pitch competition. Most of his work takes place on the Art side of game development and design. He has also helped develop video games for a non profit company with the intent of creating games with a focus on winning together and building bridges. He views games as a tool for creating immersive experiences that can be used as Art, Entertainment, and educational tools.

Developing with Students in Virtual Reality: A Post Mortem look at developing a VR game for education

Can Virtual reality be integrated into a post secondary class room? Can the creation of game projects be leveraged to provide students with the opportunity to design unique experiences while also developing measurable learning tools? The answer is yes. This session will examine the development process and execution of the game from a post-mortem perspective.

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