Bill Fischer

Integrating accessible and universal design into games and other digital media

Bill Fischer is a professor at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University where he founded the Digital Art and Design program. He is the executive producer for The Epic Project; a wide range of faculty, students, professionals, schools, companies, and organizations collaborating to produce free, innovative media that helps teachers create engaging classrooms. Prior to entering higher education, he designed toys for American Plastic Toys, and automobile interiors for Ford, GM, and Chrysler while heading a design department at Lear Corp. He founded and managed the multimedia agency, BlackBox. There, he led his team to create websites, apps, games, and animations for clients like Wolverine International, Delco Electronics, and The American Institute of Architects .

Recently Bill has has dedicated his efforts to producing a new breed of young art and design citizens compelled to produce inclusive media aimed to create a better and more equitable world. Bill was one of eight people invited to speak at the North American, 2021, World Interaction Design Day Conference. He is currently developing the I-See-U blueprint for creative citizenship through inclusive, socio-emotional, entertaining, and universal design ( 


A Precise Demonstration of Universal Design Methodologies

Creating Inclusive and Accessible Games

Attendees will gain an understanding of the difference between accessible and universal design. Then, see a demonstration of specific methods for integrating universal design into educational games. These methods include multiple modes of access, accessible navigation, audio descriptions, captions, and cognitive load management. But most importantly, attendees will understand how to integrate all of these seamlessly so that both disabled and fully-abled persons can benefit and play together. The demonstration portion will be made available as a (free) 17 minute video that can be reviewed and applied indefinitely.

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