Bart Hufen

Bart is the author of ‘A brand new playground’ (2011) and ‘Gamification for continuous improvement’ (2022). In these books he explains the power of game mechanics and how they can be used for branding or marketing purposes or even to transform entire organizations and embed continuous improvement at its core. He’s been a steady force on the Global Gamification Gurus top 100 and is one of the founding fathers of gamification in Europe. His company BrandNewGame holds over twenty - often award winning - serious game innovations. The solutions provided for clients are always developed using a proven agile method that Bart developed at the Gamification Academy (the gamification canvas). According to his audience, Bart is creative, funny and intelligent. He combines theory with more than a decade of experience and with an average score for his talks of 8,7 / 10 Bart is highly valued speaker in Europe and abroad.

Gamification to Transform Challenges into Change

I can show you my vision on gamification as a tool for continuous improvement, share a method we use to kickstart transformation (the GameStorm method)

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