Bruno Setola

Bruno Setola looks at life as though it were a game. This offers a new and inspiring perspective, perfect for problem solving. In order to bring his vision to a wider audience, Bruno set up Playspace; a company which helps people understand, challenge, and change the rules that govern their daily lives, through the use of specialised tools and game thinking. Since 2012 Bruno Setola has been a game thinking consultant, applied game designer and a Gamification lecturer at Rotterdam university of Applied Science.

Involvement is the new engagement

Involvement is The New Engagement Discover the 10 Key Player Motivations that go deeper than the typical focus on employee competence. There is more than simply achievement that drives people. Go beyond the expected gamification solutions with experiences like connection, collaboration, and belonging. Gain insight in the ways in which we can facilitate a collective dialogue on what constitutes working well together, and how we can streamline the exchange of different points of view so that they can become more productive, with the help of applied games. Learn how we can use the core game design process as a blueprint for involving employees in the development of new, empowering ways of working together and creating co-ownership of the resulting engagement strategies

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