Carlo Fabricatore, PhD

Carlo Fabricatore, PhD is a game designer, industrial engineer, researcher and educator. His interests focus on leveraging human factors research to improve the design of sociotechnical systems, and promote learning and wellbeing. Carlo has a strong background in the IT and games industries, including collaborations with forefront corporations such as Microsoft, Accenture, Nintendo and the United Nations. He had leading roles in numerous international trans-disciplinary research projects, collaborating with leading-edge organizations including the Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD), Nintendo, the Learning Development Institute, the Italian National Research Council, and the Interactive Software Federation of Europe. Carlo is a freelance consultant, and a Senior Fellow of the Research Institute for Social and Economic Sciences, E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAKA. At EurAKA Carlo leads advanced trans-disciplinary research on the application of human factors approaches, game-based interaction design, pervasive computing and mixed-reality in mental healthcare, education and sustainability.

Intrinsic Gamification: A Human Factors Approach to Overcome the Limits of Badges and Leaderboards

The gamification of learning is very often centered on leveraging extrinsic rewards to promote learners’ engagement and attainment. However, complex learning activities are driven by stronger motivational factors, which are crucial to make complex learning intrinsically motivating. This talk presents a novel approach to identify these factors and leverage game-based approaches to address them, in order to promote sustained learner engagement and achievement in complex learning activities.

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