Ehab Abu-Dayeh

Ehab Abu-Dayeh is a Gamification Specialist at Edraak and the founder of GamifiedMENA, and he holds a Level he has been certified as a Gamification Journeyman by Sententia, Inc. In addition, Ehab is a member of the Gamification World Confederation (Gamfed) and was ranked #12 in the Global Gamification Gurus Power 100 according to Rise Global. Also, Ehab created the first gamification online course in Arabic.

Gamifying Massive Open Online Courses

As education organizations worldwide move towards putting educational experiences on the internet via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Massive Open Online Education Platforms (MOOEPs), the retention of enrolled students throughout the course remains a challenge.

E-Learning reduces delivery costs significantly, but if existing MOOCs are made more engaging for users, a drastic increase in the user retention (and thus ROI) can be achieved.

Gamification can be a  bridge between MOOC and user engagement. If the learning platform is gamified, it does not only drastically increase the user enrollment but also increases user engagement throughout the course.

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