Essam Abdelghany

Essam is a professional game designer with over 5 years experience in designing games related projects starting with mobile games, VR simulations, board games/card games and not limited to designing game-based learning workshops and gamification frameworks for multinational corporations. and his extensive background in Financial Management enriched his designs with the perfect skill to design well balanced games by numbers with a focused eye over the players’ psychology which he highly incubated from working in the L&D industry

Escape the PBL Trap: How to design a sustainable gamification framework?

This session is brought to you from the core mind of game designers. If you want to build a sustainable gamification framework that fits your program objectives you have to think like a game designer, you have to dig much deeper than just setting activities and contributing it to game points and badges. The traditional PBL (Points, Badges & Leaderboards) mechanics are losing its value by time because players are getting highly exposed to the same concept everywhere they go and specially if generation Z are among your audience, so it’s time for a change, it’s time to learn how to deconstruct successful game dynamics and extract meaningful elements for your program design. You will be introduced to 3 major game design pillars that you have to consider while designing your framework, hence paving your way to select the suitable game mechanics that you need to complement the traditional PBL and add meaningful engagement to your program. This session is highly beneficial for designers, researchers and content developers to learn how to: 1. Deconstruct games. 2. Identify game elements impact on player’s psychology. 3. Choose valuable game mechanics that fits your program objective.

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