Helen Wong

Head (Co-Curricular Programs); Program Director of HKUST Connect

Dean of Student’s Office

Helen Wong joined HKUST in 2000 and is currently serving as one of the Heads of Dean of Students’ Office. She has played a pivotal role in the establishment and development of co-curricular programs in the 4-year undergraduate curriculum. The team works closely with schools, faculty members and teaching support units in designing and delivering outcome-based educational and student development programs in holistic development, leadership, and service / experiential learning. She is the founding Program Director of HKUST Connect, a community engagement initiative established in 2009, which serves to provide myriad experiential learning opportunities bringing positive impact to multiple stakeholders.

Prior to her current role, Helen was the Associate Director of HKUST College of Lifelong Learning in 2003-2009 and the Head of Programs and Instructional Development Team of the Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (now the Center for Educaiton Innovation) in 2000-2003.

Helen holds an International M.B.A. from Schulich School of Business and a M.Ed from University of Wollongong. She is a certified praticioner of Lumina Spark Psychometric Assessment and a certified facilitator of the 2030 SDG Game.

Beatrice Chu

Head of Professional Development Center for Education Innovation 

Dr. Beatrice Chu is currently an Educational Developer in the Center for Education Innovation at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her primary role is to head up the professional development programs and initiatives for faculty and frontline teaching staff. She has over 20 years of experience working in different tertiary education sectors and was previously a faculty member in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, and an M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Management from the University of Hong Kong, HK. Her current interests are innovative instructional approaches and programs that facilitate learners' knowledge, skillset, and mindset for the 21st century. She involves multiple initiatives and projects on innovative pedagogies such as authentic learning through experiential approaches, gamification and game-based learning, AR/VR/MR technology in teaching, and studying undergraduate students' intercultural issues and challenges and promoting intercultural teaching competence at the University.

James Bishop

Managing Director Koru Consulting Limited Hong Kong 

A dynamic facilitator (CPF, CVF), learning experience designer and team coach, James brings with him over 25 years of experience and insights in managing and leading projects in a variety of industries, countries and cultures. Over the last 10 years alone, James has designed and delivered over 700 days of programs in 25 countries to more than 25,000 people from over 180 companies. More specifically, James is a master at the Gamification of the virtual and live learning journey and also the workshop, conference and event experience. Some tools he may use to support a process may include LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, Gallups CliftonStrengths, ESP (Empathy for Style Preference) Game, Lumina Spark, Thinking-In-and-Out-of-the-Box Method, The 2030 SDGs Game, ClockWise Design Thinking, Celemi Business Simulations. James is also one of the Founders of Brains-on-the-Beach, a Public Benefit Company (PBC), bringing together the best coaches, trainers, facilitators and business experts to develop workplace solutions for corporate and NGO clients around the world. A native of New Zealand and long term resident of Hong Kong, James has also resided in the UK and Australia. James has come a long way from his early years working in the rainforests of New Zealand's national parks to the urban jungles of Asia. Corner him with a good espresso and he'll share a few tales.

Co-Creating the Future of Tertiary Education - The Learner's Journey

Helen Wong and Beatrice Chu are part of a movement within Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to let faculty, staff, and students co-create a better way to learn. Combined teams of students, staff, and faculty participated in design sprints, conferences, and real-time prototyping of ideas to re-imagine the future of tertiary education.

They wove together a range of initiatives, for everyone to learn graphic recording and visual facilitation, gamification, design thinking, and art. The results include student designed curriculum, regional conferences and a level of excitement and engagement not seen for a long time.

Helen and Beatrice will share not just the student's learning journey, but theirs too. James Bishop will host the discussion, with videos of the experience. Questions are encouraged!

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