James Bishop and Carol Lin

Your Games Masters for this session are James Bishop & Carol Lin from Koru Consulting, based in Hong Kong.

James & Carol are dynamic facilitators (CPF, CVF) and learning experience designers, managing and leading projects in a variety of industries, countries
and cultures.

Over the last 10 years alone, they have designed and delivered over 700 days of programs in 25 countries to more than 25,000 people from over 180 companies.

James & Carol are masters at the Gamification of the virtual and live learning journey and also the workshop, conference and event experience. Some tools he may use to support a process may include LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, Gallups CliftonStrengths, ESP (Empathy for Style Preference) Game, Lumina Spark, Thinking-In-and-Out-of-the-Box Method, The 2030 SDGs Game, ClockWise Design Thinking, Celemi Business Simulations.

Escape the Tomb

Online escape rooms can be a powerful approach to team problem solving, and Escape the Tomb will fully test your knowledge and out-of-the-box approach to problem solving. Best of all, you’ll go through this experience in teams.

Do well and fabulous prizes await you. The alternative is to wander the dusty halls of an Egyptian tomb with no hope of rescue. We suggest you try for the prize option ;-)

In this 60 minute session, you’ll experience the latest with online escape room technology and how to build powerful facilitated learning experiences. This is a gateway to a whole series of online programs you can also access for your own clients and communities.

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