Jan Bidner

Jan Bidner is a UX-strategist and Experience Designer who’s been in the gamification community since 2013 and has been working in the digitalization area since 2003. Mainly focusing on learning, usability and engaging the end user. He has also been a project manager and a gamification expert at Sogeti Cap Gemini for several years. Since December 2019 he is self employed with his company Bidnerdonethat who runs client projects where conceptualization and strategy development are central. Jan is a creative soul residing in north of Sweden. He also happens to be an experienced lecturer, workshop facilitator, teacher and podcaster. With a background as a hospital clown and stage actor he loves telling stories and communicating ideas.

Among other things he has been designing games for learning and is currently running designsprints for innovation. He has been featured both on PROFESSOR GAME EPISODE 60: Jan Bidner Talks about UX, Clowns and Gamification and The Gamification report and is the creator of the instagram channel @top3gamemechanics and the retired Swedish gamification podcast Gamificationfredag.


How Can a Digital Moose Improve the User Experience for Tourists?

We need to know what’s in it for the users. What motivates them to engage with your service. WHO are we actually designing for? And WHAT do they need to do? What are the behaviors we need to support? What are the user stories that we need to enable? HOW could we support that within our design and decided features?

How did we handle the design challenges for a digital project that aims to get more tourists to come and visit attractions in the rural mid-northern inlands of Sweden? One of the ideas eventually ended up involving a talking moose that guides children and families traveling by car through the area. How do you go about designing gamification features that work with a moose? The moose occasionally challenges them for a quick "car game” or to go visit places where they can participate in on site game challenges and explore new things. Apart from the moose, Gamification played a major role in driving behavior through collecting mini-games and evolving your moose avatar friend and having new experiences checked off while getting clear and fun feedback on your progress. The interaction through voice input/output with fun quirky facts and geo positioning to unlock new challenges on site, has a great potential to meet the goals of the project while also - hopefully - create a buzz in media and help market the experiences in the area.

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