Karen Sikkema

Karen is an entrepreneur and experience, escape room, and gamification designer for learning. She designs serious games for the corporate sector, education and cultural heritage. She specializes in game-based learning and developed the Game-based Learning Design Wheel.

After working as a consultant and innovation manager, she joined Living Story 12 years ago and gained an enormous amount of experience in entrepreneurship, game design, and gamification. In addition to Living Story, she was the founder, CEO and business developer of Tempeest, in which develops location-based games for cultural heritage. She works as a guest lecturer at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht and at Politecnico in Milan, and is the driving force behind the Winter Garden Experience where the Escape Room ELIXIR is designed in combination with an atmospheric tea garden.

Game-Based Learning Demo: Cold Case

Cold Case is an innovative new concept, linking paper dossiers sent to the participants with online communications via online conferencing tools. This online teambuilding game / online Escape Game was developed at the start of the Covid19 crisis, and helped many people to learn how to better communicate and cooperate online. Supported by slides and funny pictures of people trying to solve a Diamond Heist - sharing images and information, being puzzled and misunderstanding each other, getting agitated when time progresses, et cetera - while speaking to each other online, the talk will show how Cold Case was designed and developed, and what results were gained from the game. 

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