Mohamed Reda

Mohamed Reda is a learning architect dedicated to the notion of designing learning experiences. He holds a BSC degree in Human Resources Management and minor in Economics from Sadat Academy for Management Sciences, a master’s degree in International Development from the American University in Cairo. An CIPD-HR associate, Certified Instructional Designer HRCI. Mohamed is currently looking into acquiring his CPTD & a degree in business psychology aiming to blend L&D, gamification and performance management in a tight cohesive mold.

Mohamed is the founder of The Catalyst, an instructional design consultancy focused on the sole purpose of creating impeccable learning experience.



The Oracle

“Stories are learnings for the ages”

Any educator can tell you a story is the most compelling form of learning and by stories we can let learners travel to worlds beyond possible imagination. 

Which begs the question: “Aren’t stories also a form of games that our learners can dwell in?” 

Learning game designers always fall into a pit when they are contemplating on creating a game: should we start with a story or mechanics? Should we build mechanics & fashion a story around it or should we narrate a story & then stuff the mechanics within? 

Why can’t we think of stories as an overarching mechanic that encompasses a plethora of mechanics & elements within, making our game run soundly. 

In game development, utilizing your story as a mechanic aids much in creating the experience of your game moving you in 3 dimensions as the story already teaches the rules, plays out the dynamics and pinpoints the learning objectives. 

In our playshop “The Oracle” we will collectively narrate a story and by that story our game & learning will take place. Engaging in the untold tale of the god Hermes in answering his pressing questions & his quest with the imminent “fates”. 

A game of choices, social collaboration & storytelling.  

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