Mohammed Abdelaty Ahmed

Mohammed Abdelaty works as a Gamification designer and E-learning Consultant at Inspire for Training and Education (Egypt). In December 2017, Mohammed got Ph.D. in Gamification in Education. His Ph.D. research made it in the shortlist of finalists for the award category “outstanding Gamification Research” at the Gamification Europe Conference in Amsterdam. Mohammed Participated with a poster in Gamifin 2020 Conference held by Gamification Group -Tampere University in Finland. Mohammed Also has got Gamification Surveyor Certification from Sententia Gamification. Mohammed was ranked 23rd on Gamification Gurus Power 100 in April 2019 published by Toby Beresford via Rise global. He has a big passion for scientific research. In addition, His Research Interests lie at the intersection of psychology and games

Personalized gamification considering player persona, learning style, and dynamic difficulty for adaptive interactive storytelling

1.Determine the different students’ learning profiles that can be recognized in an interactive storytelling platform. 2.Determine how we can combine personalized gamification in an interactive storytelling platform. 3.Identify the factors that defined a suitable dynamic difficulty. 4.Determine the general principles and rules that should be followed in personalized gamified adaptive interactive storytelling

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