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The Neuroscience of Fun for L&D: 

Or, "No more dry, boring lectures!"

It doesn't have to be so difficult to get them engaged.

The problem isn't them, your subject, or even you; the problem is our brains are hard-wired to accept and process information in certain ways. And our industry has been doing it the wrong way for too long. 

Now you can use the elements of fun to improve the learning experience for your learners, and quit getting frustrated with them. 


Tell a Story

Our brains are hardwired for story; it's how we interpret our surroundings, organize information, pass information on to others, and so much more. Plus, our brains release cool chemicals when we hear a story.  

Let's have Fun

Each one of us has a different definition of fun. Maybe you like to skydive while that person likes to read a book. What if you had strategies for incorporating different types of fun into your learning programs? 

Let's Play a Game

Play is central to our experience as a species and as a culture. What if you took the mechanics that make games so addictive and wove them into your programs? Do you think they'd enjoy the experience while learning and remembering more? 

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