Prageeth Sandakalum

Prageeth Sandakalum is a Senior Business Consultant / North America’s Lead for Gamification for Virtusa Corporation. He has been working as a senior business and product management consultant for 9+ years and has worked with a number of global top 100 companies in the domain of Manufacturing, Insurance, and Financial Services.

Prageeth was among the top 40 global gamification gurus. He has written number of articles and delivered speeches on gamification and employee engagement.

He is also a Certified Gamification Expert (Engagement Alliance) and earned his Certificate in Gamification from Wharton School.

Reimagine Learning with Gamification & Social Enterprise

Gamification in many organizations is limited to a stand-alone platform that offers points and badges to independent productivity matrices and shows the highest gainers on a leaderboard. While this does not bring great results, it can also lead to a strong employee active disengagement. In order to gain the best out of gamification, the following building blocks must be in place:

  • Well defined key performance measures
  • A platform that enables the user journey (To earn rewards, complete quests)
  • Enterprise social engagement to celebrate achievement

While enterprise social platforms help individuals to share their achievements and interact with fellow colleagues with similar interests, it also helps the organizations to develop communities of practice and community role models without any additional investment.

This is a great topic to discuss how organizations can use elements of Social aspects to drive better results with gamification. 

This topic will cover case studies and a number of research areas covering the enterprise onboarding, learning, and certifications.

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