Robin Kreiglstein

Robin Krieglstein has been pioneering the application of science, media, and game techniques to design large-scale positive behavior change programs for over two decades.

He founded the Design Group at LeapFrog Educational Toys; launched the first gamified, behavior-change social network; and was a guest researcher at the Stanford Behavior Design Lab with Dr. BJ Fogg for a number of years.

He’s an officer for the international Action Design Network, the largest Behavioral Design professional organization. He launched one of the organization’s oldest, largest, and most active chapters in Austin.

Robin has designed for dozens of behavior change solutions for leading brands including Amazon, UnderArmour, American Heart Association, LG, Spectrum Health, Walmart, the American Medical Association and many more.

Robin founded Live Neuron Labs which consults on behavior change for social good. Their work spans health, fitness, education, sustainability, emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing, and more. Their design work has extended from software to wearables, devices, toys, video games, board games, voice interfaces, events, print, media, and more.

The Hero Design Framework

The majority of projects fail because we’ve been so very wrong about how human behavior works. Fortunately, a renaissance in the Behavioral Sciences has been replacing folk wisdom with data.  And the new field of Behavioral Design is establishing how to apply these findings to greatly improve outcomes on real-world projects.

In this session, one of the pioneers of the field will teach us the fundamentals of his “Hero Behavioral Framework”. You’ll learn Robin’s most practical insights distilled from his decades on the frontlines designing large-scale positive behavior change. You’ll find it a very applicable synthesis of insights from game design, media design, behavioral science, behavioral economics, social science, and more.

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