Shane Yan

Shane Yan, an ICF Professional Certified Coach, is the co-founder of Growthbeans (, a social enterprise that focuses on creating psychological safe spaces and deepening the self awareness of individuals within communities for their wellbeing, inclusivity and employability. 

Shane's top strength finder is futuristic which means she loves creating a better product, a better team, a better life and a better world. 
This year, she and her team have spearheaded a Growth Collective ( and found an innovative way to drive well-being in the community while developing human-centric leadership skills in people and achieving Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Other work includes Find Your Ikigai SG sessions for individuals to uncover their purpose and be re-energized in the organizations they work for, and Career Support Group to support the growth mindset, wellbeing and employability of mid-career switchers. Shane is a co-opted exco member of the SGTech Singapore Enterprise Chapter to support the Talent pillar amongst SMEs and a member of Institute of Human Resources Practitioner (C-P). She also works with Small Medium Enterprises as their third party strategic HR partner. Previously, Shane was with Mercer for 6 years.

Help your learners Reveal their Resilience Strategy Through GamePlay

The session introduces Gro!, a card game that allows players to have fun and interact with one another. Beyond picking up some tips about permaculture and agriculture, Gro Cards have surprised its players on the depth of discovery and awareness it brings to them – helping them learn more about their strengths, resilience strategy and blindspot. It has helped individuals to tweak their approach to life challenges, and enabled managers to use the game as a way to review employees’ strengths and blindspots and guide them. Join the session to 1. Learn a new framework to develop content 2. Identify a method of gamifying self-discovery and working styles for employees 3. Assess how the game can be utilized as a growth process for employees 4. Determine the process of developing Gro! 5. Recognise the importance of prototyping and testing Attendees can expect to be taken through the game mechanics, see examples of how some players have played the game and discuss how they can use Gro to support the growth of the players in the case study.

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