Sk Roy

SK Roy is a career SCM Professional with over 35 years of global experience working across 5 continents. The majority of his career was with ExxonMobil, Chevron and Ernst & Young, where he has led several SCM Transformation projects mostly in the Procurement, Logistics and SCM Strategy space. Most recently he was the Corporate Digital Transformation Advisor at Chevron Corporation. He is currently the CEO of Graynomics, a SCM Gamification company with a focus on shaping SCM Leadership behaviors across extended Supply Chains

Shaping SCM Behaviors Through Engaging Simulations

Graynomics Simulation game is a cloud based niche game which helps shape team behaviors in extended Supply Chains cutting across profit lines. The game lays down generic manufacturing-cum-distributions supply chain and the players collaborate with each other to help support the overall success of the extended Supply chain. The game provides a real time feedback to the team mates on the Operational, Financial and Behavioral Indicators that helps shape the team performance.

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