Imagine your ILT and vILT sessions alive with activity, interaction, and excitement.

When you use the activities in this book, you will feel the change in engagement from the traditional lecture to one where participants are involved in the learning process right from the start.

The arguments for using active learning in the classroom are clear. Moving around a room, participating in a contest, or simply talking to other students can raise the level of activity to the point where a participant is more alert and attentive to the content of the class. Using activities in a training session encourages active learning, as well as collaboration and interactivity. Studies show that adults will learn best when they have an opportunity to interact with their peers.

The activities in this book are quick and to the point. Each activity lets you know what materials you need, what to say to set up the activity, and how to handle the all-important debrief at the end of each activity.

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