Valary Oleinik

Valary Oleinik is one part artist, one part geek, and 100% committed to finding ways to help people develop and deliver more engaging and effective learning experiences. She has worked in various aspects of L&D for over two decades and is currently a sought-after speaker, a project manager at Weil, an international law firm, and on the Board of Directors of the United States Distance Learning Association. In her consulting work she is assisted by her cat Shadow and her bunny Butterscotch. Their lack of opposable thumbs makes them lousy typists, but they try.

Upcycled Gamification: Remix, Repurpose, and Reengage

The idea of upcycling focuses on finding creative ways to reuse things. In Upcycled Gamification you will participate in a brief gamified adventure to explore how remixing games and instructional design, and repurposing content and tools, can lead to learning experiences that will reengage your learners time and time again. By adopting this gameful approach to design you will always have an abundance of creative options right at your fingertips.

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