Valary Oleinik

Valary Oleinik is one part artist, one part geek, and 100% committed to finding ways to help people develop and deliver more engaging and effective learning experiences. She has worked in various aspects of L&D for over two decades and is currently a sought-after speaker, a project manager at Weil, an international law firm, and on the Board of Directors of the United States Distance Learning Association. In her consulting work she is assisted by her cat Shadow and her bunny Butterscotch. Their lack of opposable thumbs makes them lousy typists, but they try.

Learning at the Level of Joy

We continue to strive for the seemingly elusive learner engagement, but now more than ever we have the means at our fingertips to create immersive, engaging learning experiences that educate and connect us in virtual spaces. In this session we will reexamine and reimagine what we mean by words like engagement. Through a series of stories we will discover that there are many different types of engagement and there are unique ways to trigger each. We will also revisit the word motivation and see how it is a companion to engagement, but not the same thing. Finally we will explore words like surprise, playful, and joy. As we design in an era dominated by Zoom fatigue we need to look to creating learning environments in which learners have a positive experience and are able to discover, explore, and have autonomy, rather than feel like they are trapped in the boxes on screen. Whether it is through using beautiful questions that stretch our thinking and encourage people to change their perspectives, or it is using technologies like Topia that were connected to operate at the level of joy, we have only to use our imaginations to create adventures in learning that will be truly memorable and impactful. By the end of this session you will: - Explore four types of learner engagement - Examine concepts that create more positive learning environments such as joy, play, and surprise - Discover techniques that will lead to engagement escalation - Collaborate with your colleagues on ways to improve the joy and playfulness of your learning projects.

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