Wesley Ball

Wesley first fell into gamification as the culmination of a lifelong love affair with game design.  He created his first gamified learning project in the 6th grade when he submitted a review board game in lieu of a paper.  His favorite subjects to explore are narrative design, mythological storytelling, and play as a developmental mechanism.  Wesley studied Government and Social Science at Liberty University.  He is a Sententia Certified Master Craftsman and Instructor, and joined the team in 2020 to help make the first GamiCon virtual Gamicon a success.

Roleplaying Games - Exploring Structure, Motivation, and Gamified Application

The evidence is clear that storytelling is a powerful way to prompt learner engagement and increase knowledge retention. The defining feature of roleplaying games is the huge amount of narrative freedom they afford participants.

Together we will explore what makes a roleplaying game and see what lessons can be learned and brought back to your gamification design.  We will cover basic motivational models used in roleplaying design, and explore the wide breadth of roleplaying games that have been created.

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