Zofia Einhorn

Listening to people and their needs to adapt ideas that can help them achieve their goals

Zofia Einhorn is a learning experience and gamification specialist. As a gamer, she is curious about people and what motivates them. For over a decade, she has been designing learning products for educational and social purposes, using game psychology to develop learning products that empower the learner and the learning experience.

On a special note: Zofia is always happy to be invited for a good Settlers of Catan session.


The Hidden Gamer

The Magic to Learn

People love this talk because they can relate the subject to themselves as learners and gamers and are also able to use the knowledge right away.
There are also fun and engaging examples that are new to them.

This session will discuss the following:

  • How being a gamer is biological, and how we are all, in fact, gamers
  • What can motivate people to learn, based on game design theory
  • How to look at the process of learning the same as the process of game"

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