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The Science of Motivation®

Why are some people cautious while others are risk-takers? Why are some individuals competitive, but others are cooperative? Why do some people enjoy Blackjack while others prefer Solitaire? 

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a standardized, comprehensive assessment of an individual’s intrinsic motives, values, interests, and life goals. Based on The Science of Motivation®, the interpretive report discusses the implications of a person’s unique motivational profile for job performance and interpersonal relationships.

Although previous theorists spoke in general terms about motivation and personality, Professor Steven Reiss was the first to devise a conceptual platform that connects motives to specific traits. 

According to Reiss, the intensity of motivation is central to understanding the development of personality. In other words, although everybody embraces the 16 basic desires, how we prioritize them makes us individuals.

 An individual’s prioritization of the basic desires on the Reiss Motivation Profile® determines their values, and behaviors, and influences personality traits. In short, how much we want of each of the basic desires makes us individuals.

With its strong scientific underpinnings, the Reiss Motivation Profile® benefits both organizations and employees. It increases employee engagement and reduces staff turnover by illuminating why people do what they do, and it creates a culture in which individuals can thrive.

For the instructional designer, the Reiss Motivation Profile® allows the designer to predict where their blind spots will be when it comes to designing for other people. They can also understand how they differ from their learners. And ultimately, it allows them to predict what will be fun and engaging for their learners. 

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Discover your blindspots and predict how you differ from your learners.

This option includes a 30-minute consultation to specifically discuss how your Motivation Profile influences your design and where you might differ from your learners. You will also receive a  32-page eBook explaining and describing your specific profile.  

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If you'd like to explore the strengths or potential conflicts within your team, or you want to predict what will engage a group of learners, this package is for you. Besides receiving the results and specific 32-page report of each person, we will also create a group perspective graphic for you, and offer written suggestions for how you might work with or design for this group. 

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