Andrew Peterson

Game Design is Curriculum Design

As the Director of eLearning at Ferris State University, Andrew leads a dynamic team of Instructional Technologists, Designers, and Support Staff. He played a pivotal role in evolving the university's esports student organization into one of the campus's largest and most successful groups. His work mirrors his deep passion and research in Game-Based Learning. A notable illustration of this is his support and implementation of the "Reacting to the Past" pedagogical role-playing game across various academic departments, integrating this innovative approach into traditionally structured classrooms. Additionally, his dissertation produced a unique board game designed for freshman seminars. Andrew's expertise in integrating game-based learning into educational settings has been showcased at prestigious conferences like "Frontiers in Playful Learning" and "Games, Learning, and Society", emphasizing the practical application of gaming strategies in educational environments.


Game Design as the Non-Traditional Curriculum

In this session, we explore innovative strategies to enhance student engagement through rapid game prototyping. Participants design games directly linked to learning objectives, transforming them into co-designers rather than passive recipients of content. This approach reframes academic discussions into a dynamic exploration of game mechanics, fostering a more interactive and stimulating debate that aligns seamlessly with educational goals. Join us to unlock new dimensions in teaching and learning.

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