Collin Nwabueze

Enriching the earth with engaging, gamified, & data-driven training.

Collin is dedicated to coloring the planet with positive change, and committed to leveraging learning to unlock potential and agility. With a 9-year career, his focus lies in enriching the earth with engaging, gamified, data-driven learning and training solutions. Over 6 years, he's pioneered various People Development projects, designing top-rated programs in diverse settings. Collin's expertise centers on personal and professional competencies development, facilitating decision-making workshops that blend analytical and creative thinking. An award-winning trainer, his experience spans L&D, OD, and Talent, from program design to global change projects. He has developed training strategies for strong teams and cultivated positive environments across multiple sectors, including Telecommunications, IT, and Finance. Currently, I've led successful programs with a 95% employment rate, secured significant fellowship funding, and launched revenue-generating initiatives.


The Power of Gamification and Data-Driven Adventure Quest

Are you ready to transform your approach to learning? Join the journey where education meets excitement and unlock the secret sauce of gamification and data-driven decision-making! Dive into the dynamic world of gamification in Learning and Development. Discover how game mechanics can revolutionize traditional learning paradigms. Also, how to infuse data to back up claims, making the learning program more acceptable.

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