Jorge Luis Castro Toribio

Outcome-based Engineering & Transformation

Jorge is a multifaceted professional specializing in Agility and Digital Transformation, with extensive experience as a QA Manager, DevOps Program Manager, and global speaker. With a fervent passion for Testing Automation, Agile methodologies, and DevOps, he has dedicated over 12 years to continuous learning and applying cutting-edge technologies for business agility. His diverse background across various roles, including developer, tester, IT program manager, and agile coach, equips him with a comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics. Jorge excels in helping teams develop and execute digital, DevOps, and agile transformation strategies, emphasizing people, productivity, continuous improvement, innovation, and fun. He is a recognized speaker at international Agile and DevOps conferences across Peru, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, India, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Panama, Azerbaijan, Australia, and the US, sharing insights and inspiring agile success.


Walk the Game: Some Lessons Learned While Fostering Continuous Fun

This session presents an insightful exploration of gamification and game design implementation within large enterprises. We delve into real-world experiences, highlighting both successes and challenges. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge from our proven practices and ideas, learning not only from our achievements but also from the pitfalls we encountered. This presentation aims to equip you with practical strategies for effective gamification application, helping you to replicate our successes and avoid similar missteps in your organizational context.

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