Leif Sorenson

Using games in online learning design within the corporate world.

As CEO of Actee, Leif is at the forefront of transforming learning through innovative game-based strategies. His passion lies in continuous learning, and at Actee, we've been pioneering digital solutions since 2010 to enhance change management, leadership, and communication skills. The Actee platform has been instrumental for consultants and global enterprises, creating engaging and impactful learning experiences. My approach focuses on integrating learning into organizational structures to yield tangible results. Actee offers both personalized learning scenarios and a rich library of pre-existing games and tools, accelerating professional development. As a keynote speaker, Leif shares valuable insights into gamification and its role in workplace learning, demonstrating the effectiveness of Actee's game-based methods. Connect with Leif to see how Actee can revolutionize professional development for you and your organization.


Navigating Compliance

Explore the role of a HR team leader at a national Freight company in our thrilling session. Your in-game choices will determine colleague relationships, company stability, and overall success. Prepare for a journey filled with compliance, teamwork, and cybersecurity challenges that shape your in-game company's destiny. Experience gameplay and learning intertwined.

Immerse yourself in gameplay, then explore your in-game personal profile. Delve into compliance, data security, and responsible business practices through game theory. This session promises a highly engaging, interactive learning experience.

Walk away with enhanced decision-making skills, compliance expertise, and facilitation techniques for creating positive work cultures. Join us for a session that combines fun and learning in equal measure!

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