Manuel Pimenta

Co-creating gamified solutions for wicked problems.

A Gamification Designer and Facilitator, Manuel blends his software development and analysis expertise with a passion for storytelling and education. Since 2012, he's been fervently utilizing game mechanics and design techniques to engage people and solve problems, developing digital products and services in eLearning, employee engagement, and ideation. Also an adept Design Thinking and Gamification Design coach, he wears multiple hats - a gamer, a scout leader, a blogger/writer, and a musician at heart. Above all, Manuel is a staunch believer in the transformative power of games and gamification to change the world, making him a visionary in his field.


Power ON: How TV Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Animation Inspired a Decade of Employee Engagement

Imagine a world where your favorite TV shows aren't just entertainment, but the key to unlocking powerful employee engagement, where the magic of TV sci-fi, fantasy, and animation collide with workplace transformation.

In this presentation, Manuel will delve into how my childhood fascination with these genres shaped his approach to designing gamified employee engagement solutions. You will explore the parallels between fantastical storytelling and creating immersive, interactive workplace experiences. From Babylon 5's epic scope and quippy dialog to the titular Captain Power's sense of underdogs beating the odds, these narratives have become catalysts for the work he's developed boosting team morale and productivity in the corporate world.

Manuel will address techniques used to infuse imagination into co-creation processes, leveraging storytelling methods from beloved series as backdrops for achieving learning and operational outcomes. He'll share strategies honed for building cohesive teams and harnessing the spirit of camaraderie seen in iconic fictional narratives. With a decade of experience in gamifying the workplace, he invites you to Power On and get ready to embark on this exciting journey.

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