Mehmet Nalça

Gamification expert and creative drama trainer with HR experience.

Mehmet studied Economics at Ege University, Türkiye, and pursued a Master of Business Administration at Bahçeşehir University. With eight years of experience in Human Resources and Learning and Development, he has specialized in gamification. As a Gamification Specialist at AllianzTürkiye, he created and managed 10 different gamification projects. Currently, he is the Talent Management Team Leader at Enerjisa Energy. Additionally, Mehmet is a skilled creative drama trainer, utilizing this methodology in his training programs. He has also imparted his knowledge as a creative drama lecturer at Bilgi University, Türkiye, combining his academic and professional expertise.


Games and Gamification in Creative Drama

Discover the transformative power of games as the ultimate warm-up tool, providing a platform where personalities shine and freedom reigns. This session delves into the realm of creative drama, a space ripe for improvisation, and explores the integration of play and gamification. We'll examine what creative drama truly is, the essence of games and gamification, and the art of weaving these elements into creative drama practices. Understand the numerous benefits and the significant impact that games and gamification can have in this expressive field. Join us to unravel the synergy of play, games, and creative drama, and witness the magic they create together.

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