Ramon Talavera-Franco, EdD

Telling stories through games and eLearning technology.

Ramon, a bilingual e-Learning designer with a Doctorate in e-Learning and Education Leadership from Northeastern University, masterfully orchestrates educational symphonies. His expertise lies in curriculum design, instructional innovation, game-based learning, gamification, and project coordination. In the virtual world, he leads daring adventures, creating immersive learning experiences using tools like Storyline360, Vyond, and Camtasia. As a storyteller and e-Learning developer, Ramon weaves narratives that merge creativity with education, aiming to turn each lesson into a vibrant chapter in the learning odyssey. His mission is not just to teach but to craft inspiring stories that transform the educational journey.


Elevate Literacy with E-Learning Magic: Unlocking Literary Adventures through the Power of Gamification!

Get ready for Rescue Cortázar from Borges' Literary Maze, a virtual game where you're the hero in a literary labyrinth. Your mission: liberate the brilliant Hispanic author Cortázar trapped in a literary maze. It's a journey into the unknown, where your choices carve the path to freedom thanks to the synergy of Storyline, Vyond, and Camtasia.

Immerse yourself in a linguistic adventure, navigating a complex narrative to rescue Cortázar. You'll face cognitive and linguistic challenges, decoding clues and employing your skills in vocabulary, grammar, and writing.

Explore a virtual space filled with messages to decipher, using your cognitive and linguistic prowess to overcome obstacles. Help Cortázar craft the finale of "Continuity of Parks," experiencing the power of collaborative storytelling in a digital realm.

Concluding with Cortázar's escape, this session highlights successful navigation through the maze and the narrative's resolution.

You'll leave with sharpened word inference skills, enhanced sentence crafting abilities, proficiency in synonym switching, refined summarization techniques, and a deeper understanding of word connections. Join this escapade and transform your linguistic skills!

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