Stefan Schmid

Revolutionizing global talent development with dynamic virtual training.

Currently Head of Global People Development for a German Robotics Corporation, Stefan has a history of running highly collaborative virtual training programs that build on harnessing openly available technology. Sense-making and self-empowerment are core ingredients that drive this approach. Stefan has a background as an instructional designer and program manager. His professional focus lies in the field of organizational development.


Forget the Balcony—Fly Your DRONE

Ditch the old ways and soar into the future with "Metacognitive-DRONES." In this session, Roz Hussin and Stefan Schmid guide you in constructing and piloting your custom DRONE, embracing "Futureproof Leadership." As a Tinker and Thinker, navigate the VUCA world's complexities, crash-test beta models, and refine your approach using design-thinking. You'll engage in simulation role-play to uncover self-leadership challenges, apply the Silent Pitch technique, and embrace the OOPS! method for professional sharing. Hone your online literacy with the 5R's: Reach, Respond, Research, Reflect, Reiterate, preparing you for tomorrow's leadership landscape.

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