Vince Siu

Designing interactive, narrative-driven learning experiences that empower learner agency.

Vince Siu is the Founder and Lead Producer at Press Start Studios, a Hong Kong-based game design studio dedicated to leveraging the power of games for impact. He enjoys thinking about gamification, hybrid learning design, 21st-century skills and assessment, design thinking, and generative AI and the future of education, and has spoken and conducted workshops at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Teachers College at Columbia University, Games for Change, and the 21st Century Learning Conference. For his work in education, Vince has been recognized as an Asia-Pacific Leader by the Obama Foundation, a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and a GenT Leader of Tomorrow by Tatler Asia.


Gamification 2.0: Beyond Points, Leaderboards, and Badges into Goals, Narratives, and Mechanics

A dynamic 90-minute exploration of play and games as transformative learning tools. Dive into the art of using games to revolutionize teaching, distance learning, and holistic development. Discover how game structures can inspire reimagined learning systems and environments, and learn to redesign student-teacher dynamics using game-like elements. We'll discuss integrating fun with educational outcomes in experiential, game-based workshops. Featuring case studies from Press Start Studios, get an insider's look at crafting engaging learning experiences. Embark on a journey to redefine learning through the power of play and games!

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