Vitória Cavalaro Nogueira

Creating playful online dynamics.

Hailing from Brazil, this 25-year-old game designer and speaker is a rising star in the world of Gamification. A graduate in Digital Games from Mélies College, they have honed their skills in game design, particularly for mobile games. Currently, they're making waves as a gamification specialist, creating innovative training and development programs supported by gamified e-learning platforms. Their expertise extends to consulting in Training & Development and designing playful dynamics for selection processes. Driven by a passion for human development, they believe in leveraging education and games as pivotal tools for crafting unique and transformative experiences, ultimately striving for a better world.


Mapping Skills Through Gamification

In this session, we'll delve into the world of Behavioral Gamification, learning how to create ludic dynamics that not only reveal players' true abilities, but also provide us with crucial insights to kick-start their development. Come and discover how to design gamified experiences that challenge and stimulate specific behaviors, allowing you to identify and take your players' skill set to the next level. Get ready for a transformative journey in skills mapping and development!

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