Bhaskar Thyagarajan

Dreamer and a true blue-sky thinker

Bhaskar enjoys creating innovative, never-before kind of games and game-led experiential learning sessions for various audiences, which promise high levels of engagement and impact. 

With over two decades and 1200+ days of experience as a learning facilitator, designer, and speaker, Bhaskar is the founder, CEO, and chief architect of BlueSky Learning. He believes in creating path-breaking pedagogies in the space of behavioural skill development using the power of play and game-based learning. Over the years, Bhaskar has enabled and equipped over 500+ L&D professionals & Educators to adopt and practice the art and science of game-based learning

Bhaskar’s latest adventure PlayDoo is underway. PlayDoo is a global platform that offers a suite of behavioural game-based learning activities and tools for use in in-person, virtual, and digital learning experiences. 

His vision with PlayDoo is to enable the community of Learning professionals to make learning engaging, impactful, and loads of fun!


Facilitating Behavioural Change

In this highly engaging session, you will explore the foundational elements of designing behavioural multi-player games and their value in elevating engagement and powerful reflection from learning.  You experience 2 games where you see the true behaviours come to life! 

Through an immersive conversation and debrief, Bhaskar hopes to get the cohort to reimagine and explore a wider perspective of game-led learning experiences. 

What to expect: 

  • Experience a new, novel, immersive game that can be connected to many behavioural competencies
  • Join immersive conversations to drive learning outcomes
  • Apply simple tools to take learners from ‘KNOWING’ to ‘DOING’ 

 This session is perfect for trainers, facilitators, L&D professionals, and L&D Organizations.

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