February 26-28, 2023

Imagine slowly becoming conscious. You’re lying on a cold, hard surface. A thunderous sound echoes through the chamber. As you open your eyes, shadows of flame and smoke dance across the walls. Then there is a screech like nothing you’ve heard before. Then something big and black zooms past you:


You shake off the shock and jump to your feet, and start to give chase. But stop suddenly. You have no armor, no weapons. How are you going to stand up to a dragon?

You have 48 hours to level up and defeat the dragon. Will you stop the dragon and become what legends are made of? 

During those 48 hours, leaders and legends from across the globe will guide you through gamifying your learning programs. As you gather ideas and feel inspired, you will level up and armor yourself so that you can slay the dragon of dull, dry, boring learning experiences and free your learners to enjoy programs. 

Are you ready? 

REGISTER NOW! I accept the challenge to become a legend!


At GamiCon48V we’re pairing legends and leaders from different industries to show that while gamification is not new, nor can it solve all of our world’s challenges, the increasingly interconnected landscape may provide the environment that allows us to realize the full potential of the role that game-thinking and game mechanics can play in bringing people into deeper engagement with the core goals and identity of an organization.

GamiCon4V runs for 48 CONSECUTIVE hours! You can attend sessions when it is convenient for you, and watch replays of sessions that are in the middle of the night later. Each session stand outs with creativity, bursting interaction, and skillful use of playful learning to solve most any design challenge. Participants will learn from amazing world-class speakers as they share and workshop their creative inspiration and approaches for developing and designing gamified learning solutions.

Since it's GamiCon, you know there will be tons of opportunities to interact with others. It doesn't matter if you're a late-night or early-morning person, for 48 consecutive hours you can be meeting and working with people from all over the world. 

GamiCon48V is the perfect opportunity to connect, interact, and be inspired both personally and professionally! The future of gamification is NOW!

Imagine the possibilities...

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Monica Cornetti

Sententia, Inc


Claire Seldon

NSW Department of Education


Sufiz Mohd Suffian 

Recur Consult


Javier Velasquez

Free To Play Gamification


Christian Gossan



Valary Oleinik



Bernardo Letayf



Moe Ash

The Catalyst


Jonathan Peters, PhD


Dungeon Master


Sarah Le-Fevre




Calvin Osborne

Poncho eLearning