Moe Ash

Learning Architect & Founder of The Catalyst

Moe Ash is a learning architect dedicated to the notion of designing learning experiences. He holds a BSC degree in Human Resources Management and minor in Economics from Sadat Academy for Management Sciences , a master's degree in International Development from the American University in Cairo. An CIPD-HR associate, Certified Instructional Designer HRCI, Certified competency matrix develope, Certified assessment center analyst from Middle Earth HR. Moe is currently looking into acquiring hisdegree in business psychology aiming to blendgamification and performance management in a tight cohesive mold.

Mohamed is the founder of The Catalyst, an instructional design consultancy focused on the sole purpose of creating impeccable learning experiences.


Nudge Me 

Nudging comes from a book Nudge by Richard Thaller and Cass Sunstein on how to manipulate human behaviors using behavioral economics principles. This session will also reference actual practiced nudge models that have occurred in different countries, as well as examples of nudges used to change employee behaviors using a customized gamification system designed by Moe's company.

As a participant you will recognize basic behavioral science principles, spot the principle of nudging in gamification, and identify how gamification systems are utilized for behavioral change.

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