Knowledge is good, but doing is so much better!

When we got the news that Gamicon in Orlando couldn't happen in person, we didn't just take Gamicon and move it on-line. We went back to square one and rebuilt it completely, starting from the ground up.  We are proud to offer you Gamicon21V, world-class gamification designers bringing you interactive workshops from across the globe.

We're bringing you 48 consecutive hours of collaboration, interaction, and instruction.  For two days, no matter what time zone you call home, there will be learning aplenty! Morning, noon, or night, we'll be here with experiential learning sessions; complete with networking, education, and audience-generated insights.

Gamicon 2021 is so much more than a conference.  It is a series of learning events designed to help you level up your gamification skills and make connections that will last a lifetime.

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THE Conference for Gamification of Learning

Like no LIVE or VIRTUAL conference EVER!  We remain the ONLY conference exclusively for Gamification in corporate training, adult education and employee engagement.  

Due to the continued global pandemic of COVID-19, we are unable to gather in person in Orlando in February, as planned. However, we know your work to design, develop, and deliver training that matters has not and cannot be stopped.

Instead of attempting to deliver the entire conference online, we are focusing on a key challenge of both online and offline learning — deepening engagement and learning transfer.

Gamification of learning is a primary tool for better engagement, so Training 2021 Conference and Expo: Digital Edition features GamiCon, a collaboration with Sententia Gamification.

GamiCon is the ONLY conference exclusively for gamification in corporate training, adult education and employee engagement. Headlined by the world’s leading gamification strategists, researchers, and solution providers, this online series and face-to-face event bring together those who seek to design and create productive outcomes with gamification for learning.

Get Your Boss to Send You To The Weirdest Conference of 2021

You want to expand yourself professionally, to learn from Gamification and learning leaders. All so that you will have new sources of inspiration and creativity, be better rooted to serve your learners, and ultimately excel professionally. 

And this will all happen at GamiCon2021V, a gathering of exceptional instructional designers, charismatic facilitators, and forward-thinking educators, in a dynamic and engaging LIVE and ONLINE format.

What a great opportunity, right? A valuable professional development opportunity for you to take the lead on bringing a new way of achieving goals to your organization in order to improve the quality and impact of your work. 

Now all you have to do is convince your boss. (Yikes!)

Let us help you with that. Feel free to cut-and-paste, modify, or generally mess with this suggested email.

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Should You Attend?

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away. At GamiCon we guarantee you'll make new friends from around the globe. You'll get the experience of meeting and working together with a small group of learning professionals just like you. 


What Should You Expect?

Unlike ANY conference you've ever attended, GamiCon is 100% gamified from open to close. Our gamification platform will take you on a player journey so that you can experience the gamification of learning in real time.


How Do You Register?

Hands on learning of gamification design and game thinking PLUS an innovative new format for digital international conferencing.  





"I have to tell you that I have absolutely loved the GamiCon event. Amazing organization, very well prepared agenda and meeting pathway. Not to mentioned the speakers which I simply adored.

A lot of very good information which still need to be digested. But the most important is that the metabolization process started as well and results are already visible 😊.

I will definitely join the next online GamiCon with or without regional presence."

- Lumi Stanescu
International Sr. Training and Education Specialist, Medtronic ENT

"I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and the team for not only a fabulous conference but a fabulous conference in the middle of a global pandemic!

I think it worked really well! Great sessions! Remo was a great platform and I loved everyone I spoke with at tables!

I mentioned to a few people that I thought the conference had a really special feeling to it. Too many conferences I go to have lots of posturing and chest-bumping and, dare I say, macho-masculine energy to them. "I know more than you do." or "I've been to more conferences than you." or "I've been doing this longer than you." or "Oh, you don't know this obscure term?" Too serious. Too uncollaborative.

I met a lot of really neat people and had some great conversations, so thank you for including me!"

- Robin Krieglstein
CEO, Live Neuron Labs

"I am relatively new to the gamification space and was overjoyed with the amount of resources that I received. Upon entering the conference, I was impressed with the digital lay out of the room where I was able to select the table where I wanted to be seated. Once seated, the others within my group freely shared information, tips, tricks and resources that probably would have taken me years to discover. I am grateful to have been included in the experience."

- Junell McCall
Associate Director of Career Services, Bethune-Cookman University

"Thanks again to you and the team for an awesome Conference. I made loads more connections and learnt so much.

Please thank all the speakers, it was so much fun. Well done this was brilliant."

- Fabian Haridien
Game Designer, FNB South Africa

"MY HONOR to work with you and your network 😊 YOUR TEAM did an absolutely AWESOME job! You planned and produced a really great & very successful conference!"

- Robin Rokisky
Seaton Delta Consulting LLC

"Thank you for hosting another great Gamicon.  I can only imagine the amount of work and effort that goes into it, but you did it again. Respect.

I am always happy to contribute.  Looking forward to a live meet in the future, how for or near that will be."

- Michiel van Eunen
Experience Designer, LivingStory

"The GamiCon2020 was an amazing event with so many great speakers! It was nice to have more time in a virtual event than an hour for each topic. The speakers could use that time to give more examples, let participants share and ask questions, and encourage networking. 

The quality of the speakers was outstanding and contributed to the learning process. The Sententia Guides helped facilitate discussion giving more people the ability to participate in a virtual environment.

Thanks for a great series of sessions!"

- Jeffrey Riley
Founder, Practical Learning Concepts

"Gamicon 2020 was a fantastic experience! The virtual platform allowed for a highly interactive conference that promoted collaboration and creativity throughout each of the sessions which was really enjoyable! It was also so incredible to virtually meet people from all over the globe as well. I thought the different perspectives and presentations of the speakers were fascinating. I learned a ton! I'm very much looking forward to Gamicon 2021V!"

- Jenny Varrichio
Learning Consultant, UnitedHealthcare

"This was the first gamification conference I attended live and it was wonderful! Everything from the way it was organized to the onboarding, the speakers' and the networking that followed the experience was very clear. I was a little sceptical about joining, wondering how I would fit in, but the guild leaders and other attendees were very kind and made me comfortable. The speakers themselves shared a lot of very good information both in the sessions and later in one-on-one interactions. My company and I are now using some of the ideas I learnt in Gamicon to build a better learning and development product. Overall, the conference was fun! I look forward to attending the next edition of Gamicon and would recommend it to anyone in learning and development."

- Rakshith Bhagvath
Director, Gentle Bamboo Solutions